Vadim Kulikov, General Director of RTF, presents at the 10th International Energy Week


Vadim Kulikov, General Director of RTF, presents at the 10th International Energy Week

On October 28-29, Moscow hosted the 10th annual International Energy Week (IEW).

As per tradition, organizations presenting included the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Global Energy Prize noncommercial partnership, and ICC Roscon. The Trofimchuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics (IPGG) Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS) partnered with IEW. ICC Roscon was IEW’s operator.

Representatives of scientific sector research institutes, major oil and gas companies, and influential international organizations were active participants in the “World Energy and the Development of Civilization” and “Resource and Innovation Strategy for the Economic Development of Russia” plenary sessions.

Presentations focused on today’s most urgent problems in the oil and gas industry: non-traditional Russian oil resources in the first half of the XXI century; the development of a competitive electro-energy market; perspectives for the exploration of the Russian Federation Arctic zone; an innovation and technology cooperation between Russia and Northeast Asian countries; and Russia’s role in stabilizing global energy markets.

Participants of the “Partnership in geological exploration on the path to a common market for EEU energy resources” round table discussed issues such as expanding the resource base for oil and gas extraction, possible oil and gas presence in the Mesozoic-Cenozoic deposits of the Scythian and Turanskaya plates, and new developments in oil and gas exploration in the Mangyshlaksko-Subcaucasian oil and gas province.

It is important to note separately that all of the session participants expressed confidence that the existing technological, human, and intellectual resources would be sufficient to overcome current problems and successfully develop the industry further.

From RTF, General Director Vadim Gennadievich Kulikov delivered a presentation entitled “The transfer of innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry. Hidden and obvious technological resources of Russian oil and gas companies.” He noted that the RTF team believes that the biggest problem in the implementation of new technologies in the energy industry happens at the engineering stage, including changes to or setting the technological processes for a customer company to ensure the use of new technological solutions. Investing in such solutions at that stage is more attractive and less risky than at the idea or prototype design stage. Accordingly, pilot production of new technological products within a customer company is very important.

RTF invites academic and industrial research institutes to collaborate, with the goal of implementing developed and tested breakthrough technologies. Such partnerships allow for the implementation of technology into the technological processes of consumer companies, and will help build and further improve the capitalization of the engineering companies themselves. RTF also assists in the creation of technological and engineering centers – cores that provide a base upon which consortium companies are built and become leaders in their respective sectors on the oil and gas and energy markets.

V.G. Kulikov’s presentation was positively received by representatives of the sector institutes. Aleksei Kantorovich, Scientific Director of the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics at the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was convinced that such an approach is necessary on a government level to accelerate import substitution. Anatoly Nikolaevich Dmitrievsky, a Russian Academy of Sciences academic and member of the Expert Council to the Government of the Russian Federation, suggested that the RTF team consider opportunities to work with the innovative technologies for the oil and gas sector presented at the conference.

As a result of IEW discussions, RTF partners are at the moment holding a series of meetings with developers and authors of breakthrough technological solutions.


Publication date: 29.10.2015

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