ECOWAVE’s unique technology for emergency protective pipes and equipment will be developed in the oil and gas industry


ECOWAVE’s unique technology for emergency protective pipes and equipment will be developed in the oil and gas industry

RTF will help ECOWAVE develop its technologies on the Russian Federation oil and gas market, taking into account the company’s chosen path of development and the oil and gas industry’s main technological needs.

On October 16, 2015, RTF signed an agreement of collaboration with EVOWAVE Tech-nology. Under the terms of the agreement, RTF will be responsible for promoting ECO-WAVE’s products to clients in the oil and gas industry, consulting on the development of innovation and engineering skills, as well as on attracting investment.

The dynamically developing company ECOWAVE is considered a leader on the Russian market for the production of emergency protective pipes and pressure stabilizer equip-ment. ECOWAVE’s technology helps oil and gas companies achieve maximum economic efficiency in production while still maintaining high environmental and industrial safety standards. For all kinds of emergency protection, depending on the needs of the specific industry and the particularities of the pipeline infrastructure, the company develops indi-vidual solutions, but still holds several things constant: efficiency, quality, and a high level of service.

The technology’s unique system, which clears out the water hammer and pipeline pres-sure surges, vibrations, and resonance 5-8 times, guarantees error-free equipment and pipeline operation. This approach has been done by no other Russian producer. As a result, companies are fully protected from major accidental pipe bursts that occur from valve fittings and pump units in water hammers in systems for extracting, collecting, transporting, and refining oil. Engineers and technical specialists have also increased pipes’ corrosion resistance by lowering the amplitude-frequency pulse of the pump units at working and resting frequencies. Accordingly, company managers and executives have noted that the operating lifespans of pipelines are 1.2-1.5 times longer, taking into ac-count normal wear and tear and conditions of use.

“The RTF team takes its obligations seriously, including preparing ECOWAVE’s manage-ment for meetings with key executives of major corporations. RTF partners take part in meetings with potential customers as well as promote our unique solutions ‘on the ground’ to extraction enterprises,” expressed Konstantin Kacher, General Director of ECOWAVE Technology.

Dmitry Brazhnikov, Managing Partner at RTF, noted, “the implementation of breakthrough technologies is usually tied to fundamentally new engineering approaches and changes in technological processes in both the design and operation of the equipment and infrastruc-ture of our clients, who are major energy industry players. The focus on these changes and the expedience with which they are implemented determine the efficiency of energy industry leaders.”


Publication date: 20.10.2015

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