RTF-Aeronet participates in the first Russian-Chinese construction forum



RTF-Aeronet participates in the first Russian-Chinese construction forum

The first Russian-Chinese construction forum was held on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, at the Metropol hotel in Moscow.

The Chinese delegation included representatives from the country’s government and more than 80 representatives of 40 leading Chinese construction companies and banks.

The Russian side included First Deputy Minister of Transport E.I. Ditrikh, First Deputy Minister of Economic Development A.E. Lekhachev, Head of the Avtodor group of companies S.V. Kelbakh, Head of High-Speed Rail S.A. Misharin, Governor of the Irkutsk Oblast S.G. Levchenko, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Land Relations and Construction A.Y. Russkikh.

The primary goal of the forum was to discuss the possibility of and conditions for attracting, on a mass scale, Chinese construction companies to the Russian market as Turkish constructors exit and signing agreements for large projects. During the forum, issues regarding the construction of infrastructural and industrial sites, housing, and sporting and commercial facilities were discussed.

At the forum, RTF-Aeronet had a stand at which they presented projects on the use of UAVs and software for operational control of construction sites, analyzing the completion of work in accordance with the project, minimalizing the risk of design errors, and forecasting timeframe for the completion of work.

RTF-Aeronet solutions attracted the attention of representatives from major companies from both the Russian and Chinese sides, providing the potential to develop business on an international scale.


Publication date: 02.03.2016


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