Chairman of the RTF Board of Directors Dominique Fache presents at the annual IASP conference in Beijing



Chairman of the RTF Board of Directors Dominique Fache presents at the annual IASP conference in Beijing

On September 23, Dominique Fache presented at the 32nd IASP World Conference 2015 for science parks and areas of innovation, which was held in Beijing. Mr. Fache noted a particular trend attracting attention from businesses and politicians of late: the country’s reorientation from “Made in China” to “Created in China.” This approach will change much, both in the mindset of the international manufacturing industry as well as in leading companies’ approaches to manufacturing activity and innovation.

The annual IASP World Conference is the main event hosted by the IASP association and is a key platform for the meeting, communication, and exchange of experience between managers and CEOs of science parks from different countries. The main part of the program ( was held at Beijing’s Zhongguancun Science Park.

An official Moscow government delegation, led by Oleg Bocharov, head of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, represented Russia in Beijing. As part of the presentation and business meetings, participants were shown the potential for development in specific territories in the Russian capital.

At the close of the conference, Beijing officially passed the baton to Moscow, where the next year’s 33rd IASP conference will be held in September ( It is planned to be dedicated to the global innovative community’s unified efforts toward internationalizing business technology, accelerating the growth of high-tech projects and attaining stable development for all governments that are members of the association.

Reference: The International Association of Science Parks (IASP) was founded in 1984 and is the largest organization unifying science parks, technology parks, business incubators, and institutes supporting innovation from all over the world. Currently, over 400 technology parks from 73 countries, including Russia, are IASP members. The location of the conference is chosen 2 years in advance based on a vote among full members of the Association. Each year the conference takes place in a different country.


Publication date: 23.09.2015


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