RTF Creates AeroNet Devision



RTF Creates  AeroNet Devision

The RTF team is considering as one of most promising areas of business development the market of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), intellectual aviation systems and, accordingly, UAV software (AeroNet).

The size of the global unmanned aerial vehicle market, according to various global estimates, is expected to be about $200 billion by 2035. According to estimates from the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Russia’s share in this total at that time, according to a roadmap developed by the National Technology Initiative (NTI) AeroNet, could total more than $35 million.

In the next 10-20 years, sharp growth in the amount of unmanned aerial vehicles and systems will, to a significant extent, change the market for the provision of services: from infrastructure monitoring and security to agriculture and logistics. In turn, this change in the market will bring with it new professions, specializations, labor needs, and staff technical training. The most successful market players will be companies that have skills and knowledge about unmanned aerial vehicles and systems, and product lines that can be adopted in relevant sectors.

Alexander Ryzhov will serve as the director responsible for developing the AeroNet business at RTF. He is an industry expert, with a deep understanding of the current situation and prospects in the industry, thanks in part to his work with the National Technology Initiative at ASI. The AeroNet-related challenges that lie ahead for RTF include the search for the most promising technologies for creating a platform solution that provides effective monitoring, control, management and safety for the construction and operation of various facilities in the energy, oil and gas, and construction industries, as well as others.

“The abilities of highly-skilled Russian developers to create unique aerial vehicles and various physical sensors used in UAVs, as well as their global leadership on the OS market for developing aerial photographic materials (Russian OS are used in 88 countries in the world) will help make Russia a world leader in this arena,” RTF General Director Vadim Kulikov confidently attested.


Publication date: 16.01.2016


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