Chairman of the RTF Board of Directors Dominique Fache participates in the Russia-Europe: A Common Future forum



Chairman of the RTF Board of Directors Dominique Fache participates in the Russia-Europe:  A Common Future forum

On September 30, 2015, Dominique Fache participated in the Russia-Europe: A Common Future forum. The forum was opened with a ceremony including Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin. In his presentation, Mr. Sobyanin expressed his firm belief that Europe and Russia have a common future. Many politicians and businessmen from both Russia and leading European countries expressed this view as well. Furthermore, during the forum, particular attention was paid to the development of innovative technologies, including those developed by more than 20 technology parks registered in Moscow.

Dominique Fache noted that Russia and Europe should not let their relationship falter, especially in research, despite the current political situation. He also mentioned that in the last 25 years, the Fields Medal has been awarded to seven French and six Russian mathematicians. It is well known that the Fields Medal is the most prestigious award in mathematics. For this reason, and because the Nobel Prize is not awarded in the subject, the Fields Medal is known as the Nobel Prize of mathematics.

One practical means of collaboration that Mr. Fache supports is the creation of the Russian-European Digital University. “Modern technology allows for the training of both managers and technical specialists remotely. Today it’s possible to, at a distance, educate students from any corner of the earth and attract instructors from the largest and most famous universities,” Mr. Fache noted.


Publication date: 30.09.2015


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