RTF partner TraceAir and Autodesk announce the integration of their software


RTF partner TraceAir and Autodesk announce the integration of their software

The TraceAir platform is the first multifunctional GIS service in Russia to monitor, manage, and control work on construction and mining sites. The service is also used for city planning and development. The service offers tangible benefits, particularly for companies that work with BIM technology, the transition to which is being actively supported by the Ministry of Construction.

Autodesk is certain that the construction industry will enter the automation era in the near future.

“The TraceAir service helps find effective solutions in construction for a reasonable price and as soon as possible. Thanks to the information collected by drones to the intellectual information model, any mistakes, inconsistencies with the project or delays in the plan, etc., are identified quickly and are rectified at an early stage, which makes the construction process more economical and high-quality,” said Anastasia Morozova, the head of architectural construction at Autodesk.

The TraceAir web platform can be integrated with key Autodesk software programs for the project design, evaluation, and quality control of construction processes. Autodesk solutions are in demand in most enterprises that actively use Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. Geodetic data gathered through TraceAir can be downloaded to the BIM model and used for managing sites through conceptual project design, territorial infrastructure design, evaluation of architectural-construction projects, project design, and planning and carrying out excavation. Regularly refreshed data can be used in Infraworks, Navisworks, Civil 3D, Revit, and ReCap programs, as well as in other Autodesk products.

“GIS programs use an enormous volume of data. If you exchange this data with other applications, the efficiency of infrastructure projects increases significantly. This is particularly important for companies and government institutions that plan initiatives for quality site management. The quick comparison between actual data and virtual models created in BIM allows companies to make validated decisions on planning, project design, construction, and lifecycle management of infrastructure sites. The Autodesk and TraceAir solutions complement each other, and this can help our clients work far more efficiently, which further increases the importance of the two companies’ cooperation,” noted Dmitry Korolev, TraceAir CEO.

Source: http://isicad.ru/ru/news.php?news=18482


Publication date: 05.04.2016

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