Our approach

We increase the efficiency of energy sector leaders on the Eurasian market by selecting and implementing advanced ideas and contemporary knowledge of technology companies.

Our goal is to make our partners more competitive through the promotion of technological progress, the development of engineering skills and the implementation of promising Russian and international technologies.

For companies that are leaders in the energy industry, RTF helps with:

  • Choosing new, promising technologies that fulfill the current and future needs of our clients
  • Searching for and selecting companies to help with import substitution
  • Supporting the implementation of new technological solutions 

For companies that are developers of new technologies, RTF helps with:

  • Optimizing the engineering process to create products that fully meet the current and future needs
    of the industry
  • Quality promotion of new products and technologies to the energy industry’s leading companies
  • Making the company more attractive to investors
  • Attracting a str ategic investor