Runaco, with support from RTF, participates in the Rosneft technology exhibition


Runaco, with support from RTF, participates in the Rosneft technology exhibition

Runaco, with support from RTF, participated in Rosneft’s closed exhibition-conference Technology in Oil Exploration and Extraction 2015, which was held September 29-30 in Moscow.

As part of the exhibition, 20 companies that are contractors for Rosneft presented their internally developed technology products.

The Runaco stand attracted attention thanks to one of its latest developments – the KPPBP-260 TM-KAT high-temperature cable with polyether ether ketone (PEEK) coating, which is more effective than its counterparts across a whole series of indicators: it is twice as light and 1.5 times as compact, can withstand a (13%) higher operation temperature and is more durable.

Runaco managed to achieve significant competitive advantages thanks to a specially developed technology. Across its entire length, the cable is thinly coated in PEEK – a modern, high-technology polymer that provides a unique combination of high mechanical quality, heat resistance and chemical resistance.

“It’s companies like Runaco that further the technological development of our country,” said Evgeny Golubchikov, Managing Partner at RTF. “They demonstrate serious R&D skills, create technological products that have no analogues on the Russian market, and allow for import substitution. RTF closely collaborates with Runaco and similar companies, helping them promote their solutions to the energy industry’s leaders,” Evgeny added.

Reference: CJSC Runaco is a dynamically developing technology company that develops and manufactures complete electrical submersible pumps, as well as provides full maintenance service to increase the extraction efficiency of oil and gas companies. The company structure includes the enterprises, which include manufacturing and have more than fifty years of experience in the industry, a service network, and an in-house research technology center for the development of new and the modernization of commercial oil-extracting equipment (video).


Publication date: 29.09.2015

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