The new partner – company NAVGEOCOM – has joined the «RTF-AeroNet» cluster



The new partner – company NAVGEOCOM – has joined the «RTF-AeroNet» cluster

RTF and NAVGEOCOM have signed the Cooperation Agreement, which implies partnership on the Russian and global markets in the promotion of the specialized technological solution for monitoring and control of electric power companies’ infrastructure, using the UAVs, produced by Leica Aibotix and software solutions, developed by Hexagon.

UAVs, assembled by Leica Aibotix, outperform the majority of competitors in terms of flight characteristics and possibilities of installing of attached equipment (cameras, thermal imager, ultaviolet sensors). Technology allows companies to solve a range of issues, including visual inspection in visible, infrared and UV spectrums.

As results for the client, the technological solution helps to lower the costs of infrastructure’s maintenance, as well as the costs, associated with shutting-down of equipment, to increase performance capability of equipment without loss of quality, to ensure the employees’ safety.


Information about company NAVGEOCOM

NAVGEOCOM is a subsidiary of Leica Geosystems in Russia.

The company promotes geodesic equipment and technologies of satellite navigation, laser scanning, unmanned aerial systems, systems of digital aerial surveying and optoelectronic measurements, required for solving issues of such fields as geodesy, mineral extraction, construction, transportation and many others.

NAVGEOCOM is also the master distributor of software products and solutions, developed by Hexagon Geospatial (including GeoMedia, ERDAS and ImageStation) for processing remote sensing data, developing corporate GIS, geoportals, spatial data management system.


Publication date: 30.11.2016


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