Dominique Fache presents at MIPIM 2016


Dominique Fache presents at MIPIM 2016

On March 15-18, 2016, in Cannes, the 27th MIPIM international exposition of commercial real estate – an important event for all representatives of the industry – took place. Thousands of investors from all over the world meet at this event. At the forum, dialogues between developers, architects, government officials, representatives of financial institutions, bankers, and lawyers yield new ideas, the signing of contracts and the strengthening of partnerships.

On March 15, Dominique Fache, Chairman of the RTF Board of Directors, participated in the discussion entitled “Russia 2016: an appropriate choice of direction for urban development.” He participated as a presenter and as a moderator for the discussion of several interesting topics, including: To what extend is the consumer and demand for investment changing in the context of developing new technologies? How much does the end consumer cost? Is he willing to pay for life in a “smart city?”

When talking about “Smart grids,” Dominique stuck to his opinion that Smart grids are a new development. Politicians are constantly talking about it, but they don’t always understand what they’re talking about. Dominique is certain that in order for this approach to develop it will require smart people, and developing these specialists is the most critical step. Only once this specialization, education and the creation of the environment necessary for these specialists is attained can Russia begin building Smart grids.

MIPIM’s business program had the slogan “Housing the World” and was dedicated to ecological and energy-efficient buildings. Moscow competed against other large European cities in a competition established by Foreign Direct Investment Magazine. For the first time, Moscow won the award for “sustainable development,” was included in a list of the 25 most “progressively developing cities in Europe,” and was included in the top 10 largest global cities in “attractiveness” and “effective spending on necessary municipal facilities.” Overall, the Russian capital won awards in 7 categories.


Publication date: 18.03.2016

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