Dominique Fache and Vadim Kulikov participate in the SPIEF-2016

Dominique Fache and Vadim Kulikov participate in the SPIEF-2016.

On June 16-18, the 20th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) was held.  The Program included various formats of discussions and activities, based on five main pillars: “Sustaining Economic Expansion”, “Realising the Economic Potential of Russia”, “New Geo-Economic Dynamics”, “Navigating Revolutions in Technology”, “The Human Dimension”.

Chairman of the Board Dominique Fache and General Director Vadim Kulikov took part in variety of discussions during the SPIEF. Among others Dominique as a front row participant participated in the following panel sessions: “Leveraging Competitive Advantages vs.Broad-Based Regional Development Strategies” and  “A new Ecosystem for Russian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises”. Furthermore, Vadim Kulikov and Dominique Fache represented RTF on the Energy Company Summit. The subject of the discussion was framed as “World Oil Markets at Crossroads: Uncertainty Investments or Risk Management?”. Moreover, Dominique Fache and Vadim Kulikov attended the Global Energy Prize Award Ceremony.

During the panel session “A new Ecosystem for Russian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” Dominique highlighted the role of multinational corporations in the creation of ecosystem by making a comparison of large companies with elephants and SMEs with rabbits, and emphasised the responsibility of market leaders for creation of favourable conditions for existence of technological companies. Dominique underlined the need for search of a solution that will allow all market players to successfully cooperate, work together and conjointly develop innovative products. The formation of suppliers pool of small and medium-sized technological companies for leaders of Oil&Gas and Energy industry (the concept developed by RTF) could become such mechanism. The results of the implementation of such technique include the increasing efficiency and substantial sales growth for large companies.


Publication date: 20.06.2016


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